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Your Trusted Commercial and Industrial Welding Service in Singapore

We take pride in providing reliable welding services that meet the needs of different clients across Singapore. We work with a team of experienced and skilled welders who provide high-quality work on welding both for commercial welding service Singapore and industrial projects. If you need precision welding for ACMV, chill water pipe, pump base support, or other metal fabrication services, our skilled team can do the job right.

Why Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd for Commercial Welding Service Singapore?

  • Expertise. Our team consists of highly skilled welders with several years of combined industry experience. They are capable of a wide range of welding works singapore to provide precision and efficiency for your requirements — be it simple repairs or complex fabrication projects.
  • Versatility. Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd offers complete welding services to suit a wide variety of applications. We can deliver the welding works for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation. Hire our welders engineering & services for reliable welds that last.
  • Equipment. We invest in the latest welding technology to further ensure the quality and integrity of our work. Our advanced machines make light work of even the most challenging of tasks.
  • Custom Solutions. We appreciate that every project is unique and requires a customised solution. Our experienced welders engineering & services will work with you to ascertain what your project requirements are and then build you a solution to meet them.

Our Range of Expert Welding Services in Singapore:

  • Structural Welding. We specialise in structural welding for the construction of your building, infrastructure or industrial facility. Our procedures conform to industry standards from the design of your building to its final inspection, in which the structural integrity of your building is maintained. Hire us for seamless welding works Singapore.
  • Custom metal fabrication services. Our capabilities in custom metal fabrication include precision cutting and forming of various metals for an extensive range of applications. Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd offers custom metal fabrication services to produce precision components for all applications. As such, we’re able to work off your prototypes, custom parts, or production runs.
  • Experienced commercial welding services. No project is out of the scope of our team. We have experience ranging from commercial developments; welds for retail storefronts, to builds for commercial kitchens. You tell us what type of welding you need. We fill the request.
  • Welding repairs & maintenance for existing structures. Welding repairs are one of the many areas of speciality for our experienced professionals. Our technicians are trained and skilled in handling just about every type of welding repair; from replacing worn-out components such as pipes to repairing cracks in a variety of materials off an additional component.
  • On-site welding services. Use us in an emergency or while determining a schedule for routine maintenance. On-site welding service Singapore for projects that require work to be done at your location. We use our on-site capabilities to offer our mobile welding units. These mobile welding units have all the tools and attachments needed to perform the welding work on-site efficiently, effectively, and professionally.

Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd is dedicated to providing superior welding services that surpass the expectations of our customers. Whether you need our services for commercial welding, structural welding, or custom welding fabrication, you can depend on us to deliver quality results on time and within budget.

Contact us today to discuss your welding project and learn more about how Techtimia Engineering Pte. Ltd can help you achieve your welding objective in Singapore. With our experience, on-time delivery commitment, and dedication to excellence, we are your dependable choice for all of your welding needs.

You can call us at +65 6282 0555 or mail us at admin@techtimia.com

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  • Trusted Welding Works and Service in Singapore
  • Trusted Welding Works and Service in Singapore
  • Trusted Welding Works and Service in Singapore
  • Trusted Welding Works and Service in Singapore

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