Engineering Pte Ltd

We at Techtimia are a dedicated, vibrant and dynamic team of professionals offering services required to substantiate the functions of the facility aimed and assembled comprising of well-scheduled actions required, achieving the projected scheme.

Since without proper strategic pre-emptive maintenance any amenity cannot operate efficiently. At Techtimia, we undertake execution and maintenance activities pertaining to large and medium industrial, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works, Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems and Mechanical Engineering services.

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Our execution and maintenance services basically involve a sequence of time-based upkeep that delivers a base for scheduling and executing, this include regulating, cleaning, and supplanting the constituents. We at Techtimia with a well-planned analytical upkeep effort to identify the mechanisms with timely rectifying in an organized way offering remedial care that is necessary to return the equipment back to running condition, by the restoring it to a workable condition as per the prescribed standards.

Our comprehensive maintenance service aims at

  • Lengthening equipment lifetime.

  • Extending facility life of the equipment leading to cost reserves.

  • Providing safe, functional systems and facilities that meet the requirement.

We offer second to none services with proper management, planned operations, ensuring necessary training, administration and well planned meticulous execution. These activities start off with accurate forecasting of a facility and continue all through till the successful completion of job.

Our operating and maintaining the environment include planned preventive/predictive/ and maintenance, corrective (repair) maintenance, trouble calls, replacement of obsolete items, predictive testing & inspection, overhaul, and grounds care. We at Techtimia apply maintenance strategies by integrating the corresponding fortes in order to maximize facility/equipment reliability, while minimizing life-cycle costs, categorically for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, by retro-commissioning to improve operating efficiencies.