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Welding works is the fabrication and putting together metal parts using machines that create intense heat so that the metal parts wield together. The job also encompasses smoothing and polishing of the metal surfaces after they are welded together. Welding jobs involve the ability to study blueprints or project specifications in addition to practically calculating the dimensions of the parts to be welded to attain the real workable fabricated product.

Inspection of materials or structures that need welding, monitor the process of welding, taking necessary caution pertaining to overheating, and similar issues. Welding includes joining and fabrication of various structures including pipelines, bridges, power plants, buildings, refineries, automobiles, or ships. Although there are different welding processes the most common is arc welding. Technicians at Techtimia are skilled, trained and confident in welding jobs and are able to carry out the tasks assigned to them in a systematic way.

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