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Generally HEPA Filters are set up where the highest level of air filtration is required such as clean rooms, operating theatres, research facilities, and the electronics component manufacturing industries, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. The filtration medium is provided by micro fine glass fibres that are formed into a paper-like surface, supplied in various grades depending upon filtration efficiency required. The filter paper is formed into a close pleated package to provide a large surface area.

Specific HEPA Filter applications include research facilities, electronic and micro-electronic industries, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries and similar locations, where in the level of air quality is required is very high. Adopted for use in quarantine wards, testing laboratories, life science research facilities, to ensure the safety and facilitate the diagonal airflow in a room i.e. ceiling supply to low level extract the systems are to be installed in precision and accuracy. Our technically strong team supplies and installs these HEPA filters and undertakes the maintenance tasks as well

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