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Air Duct Cleaning Back

Air Duct Cleaning


  1. The Airduct systems “ supply and return” points will be “Covered” to clean it at the respective points by using the ZONE Bags.
  2. Through the supply line the vacuum is connected with the use of the connection collar, with the vacuum being turned on outside.
  3. All supply points will be turned off to maximize the negative pressure and it will be cleaned using the Airduct cleaning system to blend inside every vent. This will disturb and dislodge any dust and debris that is on the main trunk lines.
  4. Upon Cleaning the supply branches, the primary trunk, as well as plenum drop, will be cleaned by the vacuum with the use of high-pressure air compressed agitation air whipping tools.
  5. After the Airduct systems’ supply side has been thoroughly cleaned, will then clean the system’s return side.   The same procedure for the supply line is followed
  6. Each return Airducts will be cleaned using the AirDuct cleaning system to blend inside every vent. This will disturb and dislodge the dust and debris into the main trunk lines.
  7. After completion of all ductwork, the Airducts will then be sterilized or sanitized thoroughly.
  8. The air wash cleaning method is used to clean the furnace, squirrel cage, and blower motor.
  9. After cleaning the Airduct, the access holes will then be sealed with the use of high-quality metal sheet to prevent potential leaks, making it convenient to access the duct system for future cleanings.

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