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Plumbing services include a range of activities which generally involves cleaning the traps and piping of a variety of drain types, including sewer drains, toilet drains, sink drains, and grease traps, faucet services, sewer line services, water heater services, sump pump services, piping/leak services, toilet plumbing, etc. Nevertheless these services are sometimes integrated as preventative measures for extending or expanding existing plumbing systems.

Dripping or leak checking, ensuring that pipe locations are adequately services, checking interior shut-off valves, flushing out to remove residue build up, testing water heater pressure relief valve, temperature setting check, inspecting sump pumps and much more are also considered as services that come under plumbing. At Techtimia we offer plumbing, maintenance and preventative services that include providing strainers for all drains, preventing debris from entering pipe lines, pipe inspection for leaks, ensuring proper drainage, clearing mineral deposits from shower heads, installing flood alarms.

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