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Generally we find 5 types of air conditioning motors. The Condenser fan motor, usually exposed to the elements, where the main service issue is usually a bad capacitor. The next air moving unit motor is the blower motor. The blower motor looks similar to the condenser fan motor, except the blower is ventilated on the sides, the main cause for blower motors failing is that dirty air passing over them and stopping up the vent hole, causing the motor to overheat. The ECM motor is a blower motor with an electronic control module mounted on the end. Combustion fan motors are usually found in gas furnaces and is very easy to diagnose the issue with a combustion fan motor.

If the motor is receiving its full voltage but not rotating, it’s burned out and needs to be replaced. Compressor motors are the most exclusive of the air conditioning motors and so is the compressor. This motor is sealed inside the compressor housing, Compressor motors are really two motors in one: the start motor and the run motor. We at Techtimia are skilled and adept in handling the servicing and repairing and replacing of the ahu-motor, pump-motor, acmv-motors.

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